Artistic creation has been my soul therapy since adolescence. Time turned my passions into a profession and over the next twenty years my skills evolved into storytelling through creative writing and screenplays, directing for video and photo shoots, editing video and sound along with director of motion and still photography. Here on my website you can experience examples of past work from both client and personal. Nothing else to do except get comfortable, adjust your monitor's contrast, turn up the volume and enjoy.

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Writer, director, editor and set decorator for shorts, commercials, music videos and documentary films.

Professional nature, travel and portrait photographer.

Clients: Health Wright Products, Reebok, Nike, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sticks & Stones, US Outdoor, Afterglow Aerial Arts, Adapt Lighting, The G.A.T.E. Group, Red Lodge Ales, What The Festival, Heartbeat Sound System, Jamma Tribe and more.