The Nonessentials

"A dark-humored debut tech-horror thriller"

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The black cover of a book with the title 'The Nonessentials' and the author's name 'Z. Martin Brown' beneath it. The cover art above the title and author shows an illustrated horizontal rip in the page, with the illustration an eye behind it, close up, wide open, with large orange flames reflected in the green iris and black pupil of the eye.

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Overnight, the serene coastal town of Bellingham, Washington erupts into a battleground as a deadly pathogen sweeps through the state, claiming thousands of lives and prompting the Governor to declare Phase Zero. Amid the turmoil, Max Maddison strives to reunite with his loved ones while evading a sinister funeral home director and a psychotic sheriff's army of deranged deputies.

You better buckle your seatbelt and hold on for your life, as this adrenaline-fueled adventure will be a harrowing ride.

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